The Lost Garden

The Lost Garden is a series of designs for couture fashion which are vibrant and playful whilst still capturing the delicate feeling of a country garden.  For this collection Livia has showcased this collection of fabrics on a cape, a dress, a bag and a pair of shoes. To complement the garments she has also created a jewellery collection of colourful beaded brooches.

The inspiration behind the collection comes directly from Livia’s personal childhood memories of her country house. She shared a passion for nature with her grandmother who wrote poetry about it throughout her life. These poems are at the root of Livia’s designs and highlight the power and beauty of nature. Livia’s grandmother passed away in 2015 and was laid to rest in a beautiful woodland burial site. Through The Lost Garden collection Livia commemorates and celebrates her grandmother’s life.


In The Lost Garden Livia has explored materials such as raffia and polymer clay to create the delicate and exotic qualities of her dream garden. She has used beading, crewel work and gold work techniques alongside these materials to create a playful mix of modern and traditional embroidery. She has also worked with digital printing, creating prints which can be used for both fashion and interiors. Livia’s signature mark throughout her collection has been her hand-made 3-d flowers, which vary in size, colour and shape throughout the products.